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Issue # Language Topics Link to Source
132 E Determining highlighted word in a Rich Text Box Full Source
131 E Monitoring Folders for changes Full Source
130 E A very useful phone number formatter Full Source
129 E Outlook Calendar Access Full Source
128 E Database Queries to HTML Tables Full Source
127 E Calendar Control Version 2 Full Source
126 E Your very own calendar control Full Source
125 E Running your application across logins (like a Windows Service) Full Source
124 E Registering/Unregistering controls programmatically Full Source
123 E Retrieving file associations Full Source
122 E Retrieving the Windows 95/98/NT Username Full Source
121 E Thumbnail Image Viewer class Full Source
120 E Creating thumbnail images using native controls Full Source
119 E Validating credit card numbers Full Source
118 E Formatting credit card numbers (non-secure and secure) Full Source
117 E Creating your own web browser Full Source
116 E Dynamic control techniques/Available Disk Space Full Source
115 E Pinging another host or IP Address Full Source
114 E Determining IP addresses Full Source
113 E Outlook Integration (Attachments, BCC, more) Full Source
112 E Sending Messages with Outlook Full Source
111 E Multiline Text Box Class Full Source
110 E Publishing Outlook Forms Full Source
109 E Removing items from the System Menu Full Source
108 E S Creating Globally Unique Identifiers (GUIDs) Full Source
107 E S Copying table structures from one database to another Full Source
106 E S Uploading files using FTP (Enhancing the FTP class from issue #56) Full Source
105 E S Calculating future dates using business date rules Full Source
104 E S Calculating workdays between two dates Full Source
103 E S Checking for keyboard/mouse inactivity - Part 2 Full Source
102 E S Checking for keyboard/mouse inactivity Full Source
101 E S Finding a window with only a partial caption Full Source
100 E S Change printers programmatically Full Source
99 E S Converting decimals to fractions Full Source
98 E S Determine the version of a file Full Source
97 E S Sending email using SMTP (creating a fast bulk mailer) Full Source
96 E S How to design a simple VB Add-In Full Source
95 E S Integrating Visual Basic and Word Full Source
94 E S Changing the shape of a form Full Source
93 E S Database access using classes Full Source
92 E S Freezing/Locking columns in True DBGrid Full Source
91 E S Creating internet shortcuts Full Source
90 E S Sending attachments using MAPI Full Source
89 E S Using database replication Full Source
88 E S Token substitution using environment variables Full Source
87 E S Password protecting existing databases Full Source
86 E S Password protecting new databases Full Source
85 E S Automatically starting up your applications Full Source
84 E S Restoring your data files - Part 2 Full Source
83 E S Backing up your data files - Part 1 Full Source
82 E S Integrating VB and Excel - Also, data conversion routines Full Source
81 E S Recurse entire directory trees, FAST! Full Source
80 E S Very Fast Find Files class Full Source
79 E S Copying database structures Full Source
78 E S Getting temporary directories and filenames Full Source
77 E S Running Control Panel Applets programmatically Full Source
76 E S Painting a gradient background on any form Full Source
75 E S Gathering information about specific windows Full Source
74 E S Controlling the Mouse Cursor - Easy Hourglass Control Full Source
73 E S User Control for Date Entry and Validation Full Source
72 E S Working with Audio CDs (Part 2 of 2) Full Source
71 E S Customize the ListView Control Full Source
70 E S Working with Audio CDs (Part 1 of 2) Full Source
69 E S Converting from one base to another Full Source
68 E S Accessing Oracle databases Full Source
67 E S Complete Enhanced ListBox User Control Full Source
66 E S Importing CSV Files Part #2 Full Source
65 E S Importing Comma Delimited Files (or CSV files) Full Source
64 E S Retrieve Explorer Shell Folders (Issue #24 Enhancement) Full Source
63 E S How to use INI files EASILY! Full Source
62 E S VBA - Counter fields and padding strings Full Source
61 E Searching strings backwards quickly Full Source
60 E How to word wrap a string Full Source
59 E Random numbers and strings Full Source
58 E S Processing HTML tags in strings and files Full Source
57 E S Copying files with progress bar using Windows API Full Source
56 E S Show the progress of an FTP download with no controls Full Source
55 E S More string manipulation routines Full Source
54 E S Using FTP without any controls Full Source
53 E Several useful date routines Full Source
52 E S Formatting number in KB/MB/GB format Full Source
51 E S How to get total and free disk space Full Source
50 E Gathering Disk Volume Information Full Source
49 E S Sorting dates and numerics in a ListView control Full Source
48 E S A 'better' approach for a formless timer Full Source
47 E Browsing/Selecting Folders Full Source
46 E Detecting VB IDE Full Source
45 E S Disable/Enable Ctrl-Alt-Del Full Source
44 E S Searching directories for files Full Source
43 E Copying queries Full Source
42 E Calculating the number of dimensions in an array Full Source
41 E S Sorting columns in True DBGrid Full Source
40 E Adding the combo box history feature Full Source
39 E Reindexing and Compacting a database Full Source
38 E S Sorting two dimensional arrays using the QuickSort algorithm Full Source
37 E A formless Timer Class Full Source
36 E S A very useful Delay/Wait function Full Source
35 E Time Delayed Message Box Full Source
34 E Padding strings the easy way Full Source
33 E Keystroke Validations Full Source
32 E Determining the Windows Platform Version Full Source
31 E S Using Dial-Up Networking (Part 2) - Retrieving Phone Book Entries Full Source
30 E S Using Dial-Up Networking (Part 1) - Dialing and Hanging Up Full Source
29 E S Playing wave files Full Source
28 E Calling the Networking API (Part 2) Full Source
27 E S Calling the Networking API (Part 1) Full Source
26 E S Reading and Writing Text Files Full Source
25 E S Removing duplicates from listboxes and arrays Full Source
24 E S Retreiving the Registered User and Organization Settings Full Source
23 E S Parsing words/tokens using any delimiter Full Source
22 E S Convert numbers to english words Full Source
21 E S Sending email messages using MAPI Full Source
20 E S Attaching tables without using Microsoft Access Full Source
19 E S Converting fractional values to decimal values Full Source
18 E S Using Combo boxes to show database tables Full Source
17 E S Determining the existence of tables or queries in a database Full Source
16 E S Handling path names and backslashes Full Source
15 E S Using the ValueItems feature of True DBGrid Full Source
14 E S Unloading all forms the right way Full Source
13 E S Converting arrays to strings Full Source
12 E S Converting strings to arrays Full Source
11 E S Sorting text and numeric arrays Full Source
10 E S Null values and how to deal with them Full Source
9 E S Search/Replace Strings Full Source
8 E S Using and creating log files with our Log File Class Full Source
7 E S Make complete directory branch with a single call Full Source
6 E S Add index to database programatically Full Source
5 E S Logging out, rebooting and powering off your PC Full Source
4 E S Gauge display without any third-party controls Full Source
4 E S Gauge display without any third-party controls Full Source
3 E S Saving and Restoring Window Positions Full Source
2 E S Forcing a window to be "Always On Top" Full Source
1 E S Using Drop and Drag to Sort Listbox Items Full Source

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