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Issue topic: Determining IP addresses

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In this Issue

In this issue we discuss how to get the IP address from a domain name. This can be useful for debugging network problems. We have several issues planned to enhance this class to include ping and traceroute functions direct from Visual Basic. If you are interested in more details, contact

If you have any questions about using this module, let us know at


This class module provides a simple way to get the IP address by name. If you use this function on the Internet it will figure out the IP address of a domain name. If you use it on your intranet it might return the name of a machine found in your hosts file. It uses the winsock libraries to gather this information.


Public Sub Initialize()

This method needs to be called before the any other routines in this class module. It is the one that initializes the winsock library.


Public Function GetIPAddress(ByVal sLookupName As String) As String

Returns the IP address of a network name (such as a domain name). For example returns

Sample Usage

The below sample shows will determine the IP address of

    Dim ICMP As New cICMP

    MsgBox " IP address is " & ICMP.GetIPAddress("")
    Set ICMP = Nothing

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