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Issue #71
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In this Issue

We had planned on enhancing last week's issue about CD Audio, but we did not finish it in time. Instead we are introducing some API calls that enhance the way the ListView control works.

This source code is designed for VB 4.0 32-bit and up. Questions? Email us at


The basListView module contain four subroutines that allow you to easily set or reset several new features Microsoft has added to the ListView control. This control is included in the Common Controls library (located in the COMCTL32.DLL). These routines require version 4.70 or greater of this control. It is usually included with Internet Explorer 3.x or 4.x. You can also download them separately at or get some additional information at


Public Sub lvFullRowSelect(lv As ListView, bFullRowSelectOn As Boolean)
Public Sub lvGridLines(lv As ListView, bGridLinesOn As Boolean)
Public Sub lvHeaderDragDrop(lv As ListView, bHeaderDragDrop As Boolean)
Public Sub lvTrackSelect(lv As ListView, bTrackSelect As Boolean)




Sample Usage

Assumes the ListView control you are using is called lvDrives.

    lvFullRowSelect lvDrives, True
    lvGridLines lvDrives, True
    lvHeaderDragDrop lvDrives, True
    lvTrackSelect lvDrives, True

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