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Issue topic: Validating credit card numbers

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In this Issue

In this issue we discuss how use the LUHN credit card number validation formula. This is sometimes called the MOD 10 formula.

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This module contains a single routine called CreditCardValidate that takes a string of digits, removes all characters other than numbers and performs the Luhn validation formula (mod 10 formula).

This algorithm works by doing the following:

If you had a number such as 372712312312345 the formula would calculate like this: 5+3+1+2+3+1+2+3 for the first step. The first part of the second step would be (4*2)+(2*2)+(3*2)+(1*2)+(2*2)+(7*2)+(7*2) which would result in the following additions 8+4+6+3+4+(14-9)+(14-9).


Public Function CreditCardValidate(sCardNumber As String) As Boolean

The sCardNumber is the full credit card number to validate. It can have spaces or dashes anyplace in the number.

Sample Usage

Some examples are shown using different credit card numbers (NOTE: the credit card numbers are not real card numbers).

    Debug.Print CreditCardValidate("4234123412341234")
    ' will print out as True (if the credit card was actually a real card number)

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