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In this Issue

This issue demonstrates how to create a non-rectangle shaped form.


This class modifies the shape of a form by using several API calls to redraw the form. It will allow you to add some special effects to your applications. The basic steps to use this class are to set the FormObject (usually just the Me object) and then set the Shape property to the shape you want the form to appear as.

This class works best with forms that have the BorderStyle property set to 0.


Public Enum eFormShapes

An enumerator with all the supported form shapes. Currently this class only supports one, eShapeElliptic.

Public FormObject As Form

This should be set to the form that you want to change the shape of. It must be set before any other methods or properties are used.

Public Property Let Shape(eShape As eFormShapes)

Setting this property will automatically change the shape of the form based on the parameter passed in eShape.


Public Sub CenterForm()

This is a bonus routine to center a form. Since we are changing the shape of a form, we thought a centering routine would be useful.

Public Sub Move(Button As Integer)

This routine is used to allow a captionless (which is the type of form that is required for this routine) to be able to be moved by clicking on the form and dragging the mouse. You will need to call this routine in the Form_MouseDown routine.

Sample Usage

This source code will show how change the shape of a form into an ellipse. This code assumes you have created a new form and changed the BorderStyle property to 0.

Option Explicit

Dim moFormShaper As New cFormShaper

Private Sub cmdQuit_Click()
    Unload Me
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()
    Set moFormShaper.FormObject = Me      ' sets the form object to shape
    moFormShaper.Shape = eShapeElliptic   ' selects the shape to change the form into.
    moFormShaper.CenterForm      ' centers the form.
End Sub

' Allows movement of the form
Private Sub Form_Mousedown(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)
    moFormShaper.Move Button
End Sub

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