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Issue topic: A very useful phone number formatter

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In this Issue

This issue presents one method to format a United States phone number. It will also work in locations where the phone numbers are 7 digits or 10 digits long. It can easily be modified to fit your local phone number requirements.

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This module shows a good model for formatting phone numbers (or other numeric values). It will format a 7 digit or 10 digit phone number in the format 999-9999 or (999)999-9999.


Public Function FormatUSPhoneNumber(ByVal sPhone As String) As String

Call this routine with a phone number as the specified parameter. It will raise an error if the phone number is not 7 or 10 digits after all non-numerics are removed. It will return a string in the format of 999-9999 or (999)999-9999. If you want to modify the formatted output update the Format$ line in the routine.

Sample Usage

This sample shows how to use the FormatUSPhoneNumber function.

    Debug.Print FormatUSPhoneNumber("2125047945")
    ' the output will be: (212)504-7945

    Debug.Print FormatUSPhoneNumber("212-504-7945")
    ' the output will be: (212)504-7945

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