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Issue topic: Copying table structures from one database to another

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In this Issue

In this issue we discuss how to copy a database table structure using some standard SQL instructions.

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The basDatabase module contains a single function that copies a the structure of a database table into another database name. It accomplishes this by using the INTO .. IN SQL clause. There is a topic in the Jetsql35.hlp that comes with Visual Basic 5.0 called "SELECT...INTO" that fully discusses the various options on this powerful statement. This routine could easily be extended to do database backups of tables. If you are interested in this, drop us an email at


Public Function CopyTableStructureToNewDB(sSourceDB As String, sDestDB As String, _
                                        sSourceTable As String, _
                                        sDestinationTable As String) As Boolean

This method will copy the database structure from one database to another database. The destination database must already exist for this method to succeed. If you need to create the destination database you can use the CreateDatabase method which is part of the Microsoft DAO routines.

Sample Usage

The below sample copies the table structure of the POS table in the database e:\temp\pos.mdb to POS in database e:\temp\posbackup.mdb

    If CopyTableStructureToNewDB("e:\temp\pos.mdb", "e:\temp\posbackup.mdb","pos", "pos") Then
        MsgBox "Table copied"
        MsgBox "Table not copied"
    End If

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