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C&D Programming Corp. has been a software development company for over 10 years. During that time we have successfully sold several software products in the PC compatible market. We have also provided consulting services to several large companies (such as Olivetti and Artisoft) and many small ones.

Our software development efforts originally began back when DOS was the platform of choice and Windows was only a dream in Bill Gates mind. As the PC evolved, so did our development skills. We have always attempted to stay up on the latest and greatest developments in our field.

Throughout those years we have gained extensive knowledge in the software development field. We are constantly looking for ways to pass some of that knowledge onto others in our field. We feel Code of the Week will allow us to achieve that goal and also become a place to share some of your development experiences, questions, answers and other knowledge.

We offer a submission program to all those interested in sharing some of your source code with our members. In turn for your hard work we will make sure to give you full credit in the issue your code appears in.

We look forward to having you subscribe to Code of the Week and becoming a member of our group.

Sincerely Yours,

David Finkelstein

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