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Issue topic: Creating your own web browser

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In this Issue

In this issue we discuss how create your own custom web browser.

Using this form as a base you can expand it to include features such as history lists, custom bookmarks, limited intranet browser (restricts the user to certain sites) and more features that you wish Microsoft included in their browser interface, but did not. It can also be used to include a browser interface in your application for display reports, help screens and other formatted text.

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This form module encapsulates the web browsing feature of Internet Explorer in about 20-30 lines of source code. This is one of the best examples of the power of component programming. It uses the Microsoft Internet Controls which creates a WebBrowser object in your Visual Basic environment. You can get complete details of the WebBrowser object model at

You can download the complete project from


Private Sub cmdGo_Click()

This method is where everything starts. cmdGo_Click calls the Navigate method of the WebBrowser control. This starts the process of downloading the appropriate files to display the pages in the browser window.

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