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Issue #75
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In this Issue

In this issue we are introducing a class module that shows an how to retrieve some window information, such as the class name and caption.

This source code is designed for VB 4.0 32-bit and up. Questions? Email us at


The cWindowInfo class provides an easy way to gather some important information about a window.

If you have any questions about using or creating this control, let us know at


Public Property Let Handle(lHandle As Long)
Public Property Get Handle() As Long

Every window has a unique handle that identifies it. When you set this property is causes the class to gather all the information it can about the window.

Public Caption As String

The caption of the window specified by Handle.

Public ClassName As String

The class name of the window specified by Handle. A class name is used to create all windows. Finding the class name is sometimes useful for the FindWindow call.

Public Style As Long

The style bits of the window specified by Handle.

Public IDNumber As Long

The id number of the window specified by Handle.

Public ParentHandle As Long

The handle of the parent window. You can use this handle to retrieve additional information about the parent window by creating another instance of this class and setting the Handle property.


Public Function WindowByMouse() As Boolean

Retrieves the handle that is located under the mouse pointer. It returns True is the window below the cursor is different than the last time this function was called. It returns False when the same window is below the cursor as the last call. This is useful to put into a timer function (see the sample code below).


No return values in this class except for the WindowByMouse method (see above).

Sample Usage

The below sample describes how to use the cWindowInfo class. It assumes you have a form with a Timer control called tmrMouse.

Dim WinInfo As New cWindowInfo
Dim ParentWin As New cWindowInfo

Sub tmrMouse_Timer()
    If WinInfo.WindowByMouse Then
        Print "Window Handle: &H"; Hex(WinInfo.Handle)
        Print "Window Text: "; WinInfo.Caption
        Print "Window Class Name: "; WinInfo.ClassName
        Print "Window Style: &H"; Hex(WinInfo.Style)

        ParentWin.Handle = WinInfo.ParentHandle
        If ParentWin.Handle <> 0 Then
            Print "Parent Window Handle: &H"; Hex(WinInfo.ParentHandle)
            Print "Window ID Number: &H"; Hex(WinInfo.IDNumber)
            Print "Parent Window Text: " & ParentWin.Caption
            Print "Parent Window Class Name: "; ParentWin.ClassName
            Print "Window ID Number: N/A"
            Print "Parent Window Handle: N/A"
            Print "Parent Window Text : N/A"
            Print "Parent Window Class Name: N/A"
        End If
    End If
End Sub

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