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This issue is an enhancement to issue number 24. This issue enhances the cRegistryUtils class by adding the ability to get information about the Explorer shell folders.


The function added to cRegistryUtils is called ShellFolderPath. All the rest of the functions included in the cRegistryUtils class are documented in Issue #24 -

The Explorer shell folders are various system folders that contain items like the Programs folder on the Start Menu, Favorites shortcuts and the location of the My Documents folder. You can use this shell folder information to enhance your system by adding your own icons to the Send To menu or removing items from the Recently use listing. Some useful shell folders are:


There is one new function called ShellFolderPath.

Public Function ShellFolderPath(sFolderName As String) As Variant



Returns the actual pathname of the Explorer shell folder name (see some of the examples in the Sample Usage section below). If an error occurs a value of Empty will be returned.

Sample Usage

Below is an example of how this function works.

    Dim Reg As New cRegistryUtils

    Debug.Print Reg.ShellFolderPath("SendTo")
    ' on this system the above line printed out: C:\WINDOWS\SendTo
    Debug.Print Reg.ShellFolderPath("Cache")
    ' on this system the above line printed out: C:\WINDOWS\Temporary Internet Files
    Debug.Print Reg.ShellFolderPath("Personal")
    ' on this system the above line printed out: C:\My Documents

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