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In this Issue

This issue shows how to create an internet shortcut to any web resource.


There is one routine in this module that does all the work in creating a shortcut to a web resource. This is useful if you wish to put an icon into the Favorites folder programmatically.


Public Sub CreateInternetShortcut(sDescription As String, sURL As String, Optional sShortcutPath As String = "")

This subroutine will create a shortcut to a web page similar to the way the Favorites feature works in Internet Explorer. The sDescription parameter will be the name of the shortcut. sURL is the URL (Universal Resource Locator) to the page this shortcut is supposed to provide a link to. An example would be If sShortcutPath is not specified it will look up the location of the Favorites folder and deposit it in to that folder. If you specify a path in sShortcutPath it will create the shortcut there. This routine will not automatically create any subdirectories if they do not exist. Refer to issue number #7 at for details on how to accomplish this.

Sample Usage

Will create a shortcut to the Code of the Week home page in the Favorites folder.

    CreateInternetShortcut "Code of the Week Home Page", ""

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