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Requirements for this Issue

The source code in this issue is designed for Visual Basic 5.0 and above. It could work in VB 3 or 4 if you modify the enum values to be numeric constants instead.

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In this Issue

The module included in this issue shows how to generate a random number between any two numbers. It also provides a useful real-world example of a routine that can use the random number generator which generates random text strings.


There are two public functions in this module that you can use. RandomNumberBetween generates a random number between any two numbers (positive or negative). RandomText generates a random text string that is a certain length. Additional options on random text are what case the characters appear in (lower, upper or mixed) and whether it inserts word breaks (blank spaces) or not.

Function RandomNumberBetween(lMin As Long, lMax As Long) As Long
Function RandomText(lBytes As Long, _
                        Optional eChType As eCharacterTypes, _
                        Optional bInsertWordBreaks As Boolean = True) As String



RandomNumberBetween just returns a Long type number. RandomText returns a random string that is lBytes long.

Sample Usage

    Dim sTest As String

    ' Prints out 23 random lower case characters to the debug window
    sTest = RandomText(23, ctLower)
    Debug.Print sTest

    ' Prints out 76 random mixed case characters to the debug window
    sTest = RandomText(76, ctMixed)
    Debug.Print sTest

    ' Prints out 56 random upper case characters to the debug window
    sTest = RandomText(56, ctUpper)
    Debug.Print sTest

    ' Prints out 100 random upper case characters to the debug window
    ' without any word separators (blank spaces)
    sTest = RandomText(100, ctUpper, False)
    Debug.Print sTest

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