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Issue topic: Removing items from the System Menu

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In this Issue

In this issue we discuss how to remove items from the system menu.

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The basFormUtils module contains a method which allows you to remove any option from the system menu of a Visual Basic form. It provides these features using two API calls: GetSystemMenu and RemoveMenu. The GetSystemMenu retrieves the handle to the system menu of the specified window. The RemoveMenu call is the one that actually removes the menu item from the menu.


Public Sub RemoveSystemMenu(ByVal frm As Form, ByVal eMenu As enumMenuType)

This method will remove the system menu item on the form specified by frm. The menu item is defined by the enumerator enumMenuType. The valid choices for eMenu are mtMove, mtSize, mtMinimize, mtMaximize, mtClose, mtRestore. Each enumerator will remove the associated menu option. For example, if you specify the mtMove enumerator it will remove the Move option from the system menu.

Sample Usage

The below sample shows how to call the RemoveSystemMenu method with various options. In this particular example it will remove the maximize, restore and size options from the system menu. You would typically call this method from the Form_Load method within your form.

Private Sub Form_Load()
    RemoveSystemMenu Me, mtMaximize
    RemoveSystemMenu Me, mtSize
    RemoveSystemMenu Me, mtRestore
End Sub

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