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Issue #2
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Requirements for this Issue

The source code in this issue is designed for Visual Basic 3.0 and higher. The sample executables are available in 16-bit and 32-bit versions. The code will work in 16-bit or 32-bit versions of Visual Basic.

In this Issue

We are going to discuss a windows feature called "Always On Top." You have seen this feature used in toolbars and rollup menus to ensure they are always available to your application. The Windows Help system has this feature to allow you to keep a help window above your application window so you can follow the steps shown in the help pages.

AlwaysOnTop Subroutine

This subroutine will turn on and off the Always On Top flag for the form that is passed as a parameter.


AlwaysOnTop(Form as Form, OnTop as Boolean)


Form - The form object of the window you want to set the Always On Top option on or off.
OnTop - The flag determines the setting of the Always On Top flag. If set to true the form passed as Form will have the Always On Top option turned on. If false it will be off.

Sample Call

AlwaysOnTop(frmToolbar, True)
This call will turn on the Always On Top feature of the form called frmToolbar.

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