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In this Issue

In this issue we show how create an add-in for the Visual Basic environment. This is a simple add-in to easily close all opened code and designer windows.

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Close All Windows

The Close All Windows project shows how to create simple Add-Ins for use in the Visual Basic development environment.

To use this class you must add a reference to the Office library and the VB Extensibility library. Refer to the Requirements section above for specific names of these libraries.

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Important Information

There are not really any methods that need to be discussed to get this project to work. There are many comments explaining the details of the methods which VB calls to make your add-in work.

VB Add-Ins are typically ActiveX DLL's. You will notice in the CloseAllWindows project that the project type selected on the Project Properties option is ActiveX DLL. There is a single class defined called the Connect class. This is the class which the Visual Basic IDE expects to find in an add-in.

In order for your add-in to have a description when you select Add-Ins / Add-In Manager... you will need to update the Description property for this class in the Object Browser. You can do this by launching the Object Browser with the F2 key and selecting your project name from the top combo box (in this case CloseAllWindows). On the bottom half on the left side you will see a list of modules with Connect included in that list. Right-click on Connect and select Properties. Update the Description field with the description you want to appear in the Add-In Manager listing. This description can contain spaces.

Some information which is useful for understanding this issue is the concept of the Implements keyword. To get the add-in to work it must implement all the methods and properties exposed by the IDTExtensibility interface. This interface was written by Microsoft and defines the specific routines that you need to supply in order for your add-in to behave in the VB IDE. When you implement an interface all methods exposed by the interface must be defined. If you do not define all of them your project will not compile successfully.


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