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Issue topic: Publishing Outlook Forms

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In this Issue

In this issue we discuss how to publish forms designed in Outlook.

If you have any questions about using this module, let us know at


The basPublish module contains a single routine that calls several methods within the Outlook object model. The most important two are CreateItemFromTemplate and PublishForm. The CreateItemFromTemplate allows you to take a OFT file (which is created in the Outlook design form mode by selecting Save As...) and publish it to a personal or organizational library for use within Outlook.

Using this module is most useful for forms which you want to make accessible to more than one person. Once you publish a form to the personal library it is available from the Tools / Forms / Choose Form option. It will also be available by using code similiar to the following:

    Set oApplication = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
    Set mynamespace = oApplication.GetNamespace("MAPI")
    Set formsfolder = mynamespace.GetDefaultFolder(6)  ' inbox
    Set myitem = formsfolder.Items.Add("IPM.Note.Test Form")


Public Sub PublishForm(sTemplateName As String, eWhichRegistry As OlFormRegistry)

This method will publish the form specified by sTemplateName into the registry specified by eWhichRegistry. Currently only olOrganizationRegistry and olPersonalRegistry is supported. You must specify the full path and filename to sTemplateName or the routine will raise an error 53 (file not found). Any other errors will also be raised (such as if Outlook can not be started) so make sure you have your error handlers defined appropriately.

Sample Usage

The below sample shows how to publish an Outlook form we have created called c:\forms\test.oft into the Personal Forms Library.

    PublishForm "c:\forms\test.oft", olPersonalRegistry

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