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Issue topic: Dynamic control techniques/Available Disk Space

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In this Issue

In this issue we discuss a couple of topics. Primarily this issue discusses custom controls and dynamic control creation.

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This issue is more of an application itself than a single module. It is designed to show the available disk space of all connected drives. It will automatically update as you map and unmap network drives. It shows the free space in text and graphical form. The available disk space is determined using the logic found in issue #51 -

Some of the more interesting techniques shown in this issue are how to create controls on the fly in VB 5 and up (some new features were introduced in VB 6 to make this even easier). Each drive is represented by a ucDriveInfo user control. The code within the main form calls the Refresh method as often as necessary.

The complete source code (project and all) is available at


Public Property Let DriveLetter(sDrive As String)

Allows you to assign which drive letter this control is going to watch. sDrive only needs to contain a single letter from A to Z. It will handle drives passed as x: (where you specify the : after the drive letter).


Public Sub Refresh()

Refreshes the information about the drive specified by DriveLetter.

Sample Usage

This issue is an application itself so there is no sample to show.

See for the complete source code.

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