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PowerFindPro (PFP) is an add-in for Visual Basic 5.0 which allows you to easily and quickly search across an entire project for any text in your source code. All the matches will be summarized in a easy-to-read list. This list contains enough information to allow you to jump directly to the source code where the match occurred. Two buttons on the toolbar allow you to easily scroll through the matches while showing the actual source code where the match occurred.

PFP supports all the search features that the Visual Basic Find command supports (including the Pattern Matching capability).

The list of matches can be exported to a comma-delimited file for processing by an external application such as Excel during code reviews. For example, if you put your initials after each line that you change you can search for your initials and create a list of source code lines you have changed.

Additional Information

  • Here is the help file for PowerFindPro (which includes several screen captures) - You will need to use your Browser Back button to return to this page.
  • Here is the free trial download. This is a fully-functional version of PowerFindPro. The only limitation is that you can only perform a limited number of executions before it will disable itself.

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