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Copyright 1997-2000 by C&D Programming Corp. All Rights Reserved. Source code may not be reproduced except for use in a compiled executable. All rights reserved. If you would like to reprint any or all of this code please email us at

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'   Module Name:    basShell
'   Written By:     C&D Programming Corp.
'   Create Date:    10/98
'   Copyright:      Copyright 1998 by C&D Programming Corp.  Source
'                   code may not be reproduced except for use in a
'                   compiled executable.  All rights reserved.  If
'                   you would like to reprint any or all of this
'                   code please email us at
Option Explicit

'  Constants for the wFunc field in the SHFILEOPSTRUCT
' Copies the files specified in the pFrom member to the
' location specified in the pTo member.
Public Const FO_COPY As Long = &H2

' Moves the files specified in pFrom to the location
' specified in pTo.
Public Const FO_MOVE As Long = &H1

' Deletes the files specified in pFrom. (pTo is ignored.)
Public Const FO_DELETE As Long = &H3

' Renames the files specified in pFrom.
Public Const FO_RENAME As Long = &H4

'  Constants for the fFlags field in the SHFILEOPSTRUCT

' The pTo member specifies multiple destination
' files (one for each source file) rather than one
' directory where all source files are to be deposited.
Public Const FOF_MULTIDESTFILES As Long = &H1

' Prevent display of a progress dialog box for slow operations
Public Const FOF_SILENT As Long = &H4

' Create new numbered files (Copy #1 of...) if copied
' or moved files conflict with existing files

' Overwrite or delete files without confirmation
Public Const FOF_NOCONFIRMATION As Long = &H10

' Put deleted files (except those from floppy disks) in Recycle Bin
Public Const FOF_ALLOWUNDO As Long = &H40

' Interpret a wildcard source to mean files only, not directories
Public Const FOF_FILESONLY As Long = &H80

' Simplify the progress dialog box by not showing filenames
Public Const FOF_SIMPLEPROGRESS As Long = &H100

' Create any needed destination directories without confirmation
Public Const FOF_NOCONFIRMMKDIR As Long = &H200

' Normally the SHFILEOPSTRUCT is not double-word aligned.
' Unfortunately, Visual Basic automaticaly double-word aligns
' its structures.  If no steps are taken, the last 3 variables
' will not be passed correctly. This has no impact unless
' the progress title needs to be changed.

    ' Window handle to the dialog box to display information
    ' about the status of the file operation.
    hwnd As Long

    ' the operation to perform, as defined by one of the
    ' following values: FO_COPY, FO_MOVE, FO_DELETE, FO_RENAME
    wFunc As Long

    ' Address of a buffer to specify one or more source file
    ' names. Multiple names must be null-separated. The list
    ' of names must be double null-terminated.
    pFrom As String

    ' Address of a buffer to contain the name of the
    ' destination file or directory. The buffer can contain
    ' multiple destination file names if the fFlags member
    ' specifies FOF_MULTIDESTFILES. Multiple names must
    ' be null-separated. The list of names must be
    ' double null-terminated.
    pTo As String

    ' Flags that control the file operation.  See above constants
    ' for details.
    fFlags As Long

    ' Value that receives TRUE if the user aborted any file
    ' operations before they were completed, or FALSE otherwise.
    fAnyOperationsAborted As Long

    hNameMappings As Long

    ' Address of a string to use as the title of a progress
    ' dialog box. This member is used only if fFlags includes
    ' the FOF_SIMPLEPROGRESS flag.
    lpszProgressTitle As String
End Type

Private Declare Sub CopyMemory Lib "KERNEL32" _
                Alias "RtlMoveMemory" _
                    (hpvDest As Any, hpvSource As Any, _
                        ByVal cbCopy As Long)

' Normally the lpFileOp parameter would be defined as type
' SHFILEOPSTRUCT. Since we are doing a little
' workaround for the inability of Visual Basic to create
' a byte aligned structure we need to define it as Any.
Declare Function SHFileOperation Lib "Shell32.dll" _
                Alias "SHFileOperationA" _
                    (lpFileOp As Any) As Long

Public Sub CopyFiles(Window As Form, vSourceFiles As Variant, vDestFiles As Variant,  _
                           Optional sTitle As String = "", Optional bIncludeSubDirs As Boolean = False)
    Dim lResult As Long
    Dim typFileOperation As SHFILEOPSTRUCT
    Dim sSource As String
    Dim sDest As String

    With typFileOperation
        .hwnd = Window.hwnd
        .wFunc = FO_COPY

        ' The files to copy separated by a vbNullChar and terminated by
        ' an additional vbNullChar
        If TypeName(vSourceFiles) = "String()" Then
            GenericArrayToString sSource, vSourceFiles, vbNullChar
            sSource = sSource & vbNullChar
            sSource = vSourceFiles & vbNullChar
        End If

        .pFrom = sSource & vbNullChar

       'The directory or filename(s) to copy into

        If TypeName(vDestFiles) = "String()" Then
            GenericArrayToString sDest, vDestFiles, vbNullChar
            sDest = sDest & vbNullChar
            .fFlags = FOF_MULTIDESTFILES    ' since we have multiple dest
            sDest = vDestFiles & vbNullChar
        End If

        .pTo = sDest & vbNullChar

        .fFlags = .fFlags Or FOF_NOCONFIRMMKDIR

        If Not bIncludeSubDirs Then
            .fFlags = FOF_FILESONLY
        End If

        If sTitle <> "" Then
            .fFlags = .fFlags Or FOF_SIMPLEPROGRESS
            .lpszProgressTitle = sTitle & vbNullChar & vbNullChar
        End If
    End With

    lResult = FixUpAndCallSHFileOperation(typFileOperation)

    If lResult <> 0 Then        ' Operation failed
        If lResult = 117 Then ' cancelled operation
            Err.Raise lResult, "CopyFiles", "Operation Cancelled."
            Err.Raise Err.LastDllError, "CopyFiles", "Error occurred while copying files."
        End If
        If typFileOperation.fAnyOperationsAborted <> 0 Then
            Err.Raise 5, "CopyFiles", "Error occurred while copying files."
        End If
    End If
End Sub

'   This routine is needed to enable Visual Basic to pass a byte aligned
'   structure to the operating system.
Private Function FixUpAndCallSHFileOperation(fileop As SHFILEOPSTRUCT) As Long
    Dim lResult As Long
    Dim lFileOperationLength As Long
    Dim foBuffer() As Byte

    lFileOperationLength = LenB(fileop)         ' calc the length of the structure
    ReDim foBuffer(1 To lFileOperationLength)

    ' Now we need to copy the structure into a byte array
    Call CopyMemory(foBuffer(1), fileop, lFileOperationLength)

    ' Next we move the last 12 bytes by 2 to byte align the data
    Call CopyMemory(foBuffer(19), foBuffer(21), 12)

    ' call the system file operation api with the byte-aligned data
    FixUpAndCallSHFileOperation = SHFileOperation(foBuffer(1))
End Function